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Christmas has an extra special excitement and energy this year in the Americas office. As we began working in the office together again, it meant we could celebrate Christ’s birth together in person. This included enjoying seasonal activities like our staff Christmas luncheon and our “Decking the Halls” Christmas office decorating competition. Since this marked our second annual competition, it is safe to say that this has become a TWR tradition. Christmas traditions are the best!

For the department competition, it was a close and fierce race for the trophy. The Marketing and Communications (“Marcom”) crew worked together and presented “Christmas Comes to Narnia,” complete with a hand-crafted wardrobe, a lamppost, a beaver’s den and snacks that included Turkish delight, cookies and even sardines and toast.

Ministry Services came in with a winter, “Let It Snow” theme including hot cocoa bar, a snow station with environmentally safe instant snow, an inflatable snowman, “Miss Cola Girl” snowwomen and exquisite paper snowflakes suspended from the ceiling.

The Lodge wowed us with their traditional Christmas décor in the newly renovated common areas. Their scratch-made snacks included a nice mix of sweet and savory treats including the always popular Christmas cornflake wreaths. We all enjoyed a festive open house and a challenging quiz filled with questions about various nuanced aspects of the lodge.

The Human Resources team debuted a creative winter-white recycling theme that resonated with enough colleagues to win the ultimate prize! They included Christmas trees, snowmen, a manger scene, and more all made using repurposed soda cans, water bottles and milk jugs.

The individual office competition featured Jodi, our regional finance director, who entertained us with her classic Christmas comprising of driftwood and other natural woods.

Returning 2020 winner, John, our director of radio partnerships, really shined brightly with his gingerbread house theme complete with homemade gingerbread cookies made daily by his daughter. Once again, John earned a well-deserved victory.

The spirit of competition left us with fully decorated offices and a heightened sense of the Christmas spirit. Now, as we continued to enjoy the Christmas decorations throughout the season, we focus our attention to the TWR advent devotional, “The Advent of Glory.”