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Fisnike’s entire family lived in extreme poverty in central Albania. She felt helpless in facing her challenges, was unable to afford more schooling and often contemplated suicide, a major problem among girls her age.

She didn’t hear about Jesus Christ until she was 18 years old, and then one day, a friend gave her a solar radio. She took the radio along as she tended sheep in the afternoons and drew encouragement from TWR broadcasts. The programs of Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries had a particular impact.

Fisnike turned away from thoughts of suicide and accepted Christ as her savior. She began praying fervently for her family, who saw a new light radiating in her life. TWR staff in Albania remained in touch with Fisnike and received special news a few months ago: All of her family members have become believers and now attend church near their village.

Praise God for this beautiful miracle of redemption!

(TWR Europe recently reported this response to the broadcasts of TWR-Albania, which airs 18 hours of programming each week to a potential audience of 7.3 million people in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece.)