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Do churches really split over a new color of carpet?  Evidently.  A couple of weeks ago, I heard the true story of a church remodeling project.  Members of the church couldn't agree on the color of paint and the type of carpet, so the pastor and his wife decided "Let's just do it ourselves.  We'll even pay for all of it.  If the church members don't have to fund the project, they can't complain, right?"  Wrong!  Tons of people were upset!  They still wanted their vote even if they weren't chipping in time or money for the redecoration.  I don't know for sure if the church actually split, but there certainly was a great deal of disunity.  And unfortunately, a new paint color isn't the only issue that causes division.  How about the type of music, the style of dress, or even the length of hair?  I wonder if Jesus had these things in mind when he prayed in John 17 that his disciples "may all be one."  Well, while many churches and denominations may be missing the mark, the Church in Turkey is not having any trouble with unity.  In fact, Felix Widmer, TWR's International Director for Europe, quotes Turkish belivers as saying "We don't have any strife."  Let's pray that their unity would be a testimony for the rest of us.

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(Photo of Felix Widmer)