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Listeners are at the heart of everything we do, and we simply can’t get enough of their feedback – who they are, what kind of impact TWR programming is having on them, how God is working in their lives. For 2014 we have assembled 60 compelling, representative responses into a special booklet and will feature one response online each week in celebration of our 60th anniversary. 


Language: Spanish

Country: Dominican Republic

A woman named Sara Calderon Lott shares the following story about the long-standing importance of TWR programs:

My father, Julio, started listening to TWR from Bonaire in the 1960s, after the revolution in the Dominican Republic. We listened together in my parents’ bedroom. We all gathered on the bed. My father put a [clothes] hanger on the radio’s antenna to increase the radio-signal strength. If he wasn’t going to be there, he recorded the program. In villages, many were meeting for church services around the radio programs.

After I toured TWR’s office in North Carolina, I was so excited.  I called my father. “Guess what I have seen today?” I asked him. When I told him, he was so happy.

TWR was such an important part of our lives. There was no TV. At night, it was TWR.

You can read all the stories we've posted so far.

You can also order these stories as a free gift booklet delivered to your home. To request your copy, sign up here. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery outside of the continental U.S. at this time, but stay tuned for a free digital download as well.