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"My name is Dyma, and I’m 14 years old. I’ve been listening to the Happy Children's Garden (HCG) program for many years. I just accepted Jesus as my Savior eight months ago. I really like the HCG program because listening to the Bible stories in the program for all these years has helped me to find Jesus and to know His words. I thank the Lord for choosing me out of this world and for His blessings so that I can hear His message from the stories in the program each week. The story today was about Rebecca’s plan to lie so that Jacob got the blessing from his father instead of Esau. Thank you so much for a great reminder for me to always love the truth. God bless you."

This is just one of the many stories we've heard from children in Pastor Chanthy's village. Pastor Chanthy lives in a village in southern Cambodia, and every week 30 to 50 children gather at his church to listen to Happy Children's Garden, and program of TWR. Praise God for the great work he is doing in these children's lives and in the country of Cambodia through people like Pastor Chanthy. Continue to pray for TWR's ministry as stories like these happen every day around the world.

To find out how you can support Happy Children's Garden and TWR's ministry in Cambodia, click here.