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“This is my first time using the Internet on my mobile phone…Thank you for your efforts in making God’s Word available to us.  I have benefited from the rich diversity of your programs. You help me understand the Word…”

In April 2011, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) reported that there were 900 million users of mobile phones in the country – almost two-thirds of its entire population. 3G (third generation) mobile telecommunication services are relatively new in China, which accounts for the relatively low number of 67 million users, but 20 million of these users signed up in just the first four months of 2011!

In many parts of the world, mobile phones are increasingly being regarded as convergence devices. Beyond sending and receiving calls and text messages, phones also serve as appointment books, cameras and portable game consoles. Some are even able to receive television signals!

TWR’s Chinese Internet Ministry has been looking into how to tap into mobile platforms. To date, version 1.01 of our app is available for free download on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch).

Learn more about TWR-Asia's exciting mobile opportunity!