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“Paying it forward” seems to come naturally to TWR’s national partner in the Dominican Republic and its many local supporters.

That concept – instead of “paying back” a blessing received, “paying it forward” to bless another person's life – is very much in evidence during this milestone month. On Nov. 11, 2017, RTM Dominican Republic (RTM is the Spanish version of TWR) will celebrate its 30th anniversary. 

Bienvenida González, director of the ministry, said the past three decades point to a wonderful future as support continues to come in from people whose lives have been touched by gospel broadcasts.

“Our scope of ministry is much bigger now we are working side by side with Christian leaders and business people in the Dominican Republic,” González said. “We are getting their support. And these are all people who were impacted first by the Word of God that TWR was preaching from Bonaire. They were listeners!”

In 2010, she said, RTM Dominican Republic threw open its doors, inviting churches and other Christian organizations to get involved with the media ministry.

“And that’s what they did!” she said. “Every time we need a Christian professional in a certain area, they are always willing to work with us. … Every time we need something, God sends people to our program to help us.”RTM director

When the ministry’s staff prayed for help with a new phone system, someone came along who installed a new system and didn’t want compensation, saying it was his contribution to the work. Others – a Christian psychologist, for example – volunteered to help with radio productions.

After a caller made a substantial contribution during a recent on-air fundraiser to boost Bonaire’s broadcast power, he shared his testimony with RTM Dominican Republic. He had listened to Bonaire broadcasts for years before becoming a believer, and by the time he had accepted Christ, he already had a sizable store of Bible knowledge.

Now he’s blessing others by supporting the ministry and by paying for 30 people to take part in an upcoming workshop providing media training for Christian communicators.

Paying it forward is also evident in the life of the founder of this Dominican media ministry, Eduardo Féliz. As a 14-year-old, he listened every day to programs beamed to the Dominican Republic from TWR’s station on Bonaire, and when he grew up, he became a pastor.

Eventually, he met TWR personnel and was asked to join the staff on Bonaire, where he produced radio programs and corresponded with listeners. When a TWR office was to be opened in the Dominican Republic, Féliz was asked to return home and get it started.

eduardo feliz founding directorNo longer on the staff of TWR, Féliz has lived for many years in Miami, where he is a pastor, teacher and radio host. He will be the featured speaker Nov. 11 at RTM Dominican Republic’s anniversary celebration, a service of thanksgiving and worship.

“They do excellent work,” he said of the staff at the ministry he used to lead. “They have increased their programs and have a big impact in the Dominican Republic through the local programs and through the training they provide.”