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Have you ever seen or even heard of an old movie called The Inn of the Sixth Happiness?  It was released in 1958 and starred Ingrid Bergman.  Our family really enjoyed watching it the other night!  While it might not be 100% accurate, it does tell the story of Gladys Aylward and her missionary work in China.  One interesting fact that is mentioned in the film is her lack of formal Christian education.  For that reason, she was rejected by a mission board.  But, because she knew that God had called her to the mission field, she paid her own way and made the long journey to China.  She spent the next 16 years in China plus another 22 years in Taiwan.  She proved that it is not always necessary to have seminary training in order to serve the Lord full-time in missions.  Ray Alary, President of TWR-Canada would agree.  In today's program, Ray says, "I not only have never been to seminary, I've never been to Bible school."

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(Photo of Ray Alary, President of TWR-Canada)