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Christ follower or not, most of us need the occasional reminder that a better relationship, a better workday, even a better me are all possible.

That’s what Get Hope provides, in bite-size, biblically informed commentaries on everyday subjects like fear, conflicts, life influencers and being a giver, not a taker. The one-minute radio feature presents the voice and thoughts of Lauren Libby, the chief executive officer of international media ministry TWR (formerly Trans World Radio).  

Two things inspired him to develop Get Hope, Libby said.

“One, I have consistently noticed in my interactions with folks that many are depressed, live under a cloud and can't perceive a future better than the one they now experience. In short, hope is a precious commodity. And two, the motto of TWR is ‘speaking hope to the world.’ It is what we do. Jesus came to bring hope to a world struggling with no hope. A world dominated by the Roman Empire where people were without hope. Today we live in a world that doesn't offer a lot of hope either.”

So far four media outlets – KTLF Light Praise Radio network of Colorado Springs, Colo., KDNW of Duluth, Minn., Sound of Life network of New York state, and Florida-based Internet broadcaster Christian Life Radio – have signed on to carry the brand-new series. Some already are airing the spots while others are waiting until Nov. 1 to begin. TWR is communicating with other stations about picking up Get Hope and is eager to expand the program’s rollout, according to Director of Radio Partnerships John Summerville.

"In a time when hopelessness is easy to find, Get Hope points people to our only source of hope, Jesus Christ," said Tom Sullivan, general manager of KTLF.

Libby got started early in radio, working in the business during his college years in Kansas. Later he worked in the financial industry and then joined the staff of The Navigators discipleship ministry, where he eventually served as chief operating officer. He took over as head of TWR in 2008, serves on the National Religious Broadcasters Board of Directors and was co-founder of a nonprofit group that owns and operates a network of radio and translator stations across Colorado.

Get Hope is produced by veteran broadcaster Dave Kirby of Nashville, Tenn.

Listeners of the daily features will be encouraged to go online and download a free e-book version of Get Hope. The electronic version expands on the broadcast segments, adding to Libby’s thought for the day a related Scripture passage and a letter excerpt touching on the day’s topic from one of TWR’s many listeners around the world.

For more information, visit