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Hope for Yemen is a new radio series designed by TWR Arabic Ministry to reach the people of Yemen by sharing the peace and hope of the gospel message. The Yemeni people have long suffered from the violent conflict pitting various ethnic groups and regional powers against each other.

This program series – similar to the well-received series Hope for Syria for those affected by the Syrian crisis – aims to provide practical, psychological and spiritual help to the local population. It is a comprehensive media project focusing on Yemeni people, speaking to them in their mother-tongue dialect.

Digital outlets including online radio, mobile phone apps, social media platforms and SD cards will be used to reach the potential audience, whether in their homes or in refugee camps. The first episode went online Feb. 24, 2020, with additional production and distribution to follow in March and beyond.

The director of TWR Arabic Ministry said, “The Hope for Yemen radio program is born to share with Yemenis, youth and adults, the message of hope that can give them a better future through their reconciliation with a sovereign God who can provide peace amidst storms.”

Content will include devotions with an emphasis on God’s love and will share spiritual hope and comfort through Scripture and prayer. It will also provide practical, helpful information intended to address listeners’ physical and emotional needs. The broadcasts feature a warm, friendly voice projecting a sense of understanding and compassion, and the host’s presentation is complemented by uplifting, Christian instrumental music.

Yemen is a mountainous, arid country on the southern edge of the Arabian peninsula with a tumultuous recent history. Only recently has the violent conflict and looming humanitarian crisis, fueled by the threat of a massive famine, begun to feature prominently in international media coverage.

A large majority of the Yemeni population identify themselves as Muslim Arabs, although there is a basic division between the northern and southern groups based on linguistic and historical developments – for example, between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims. Tribal affiliation is an additional deep-seated component of social identity that is still very relevant to Yemeni society.


If you’d like to know more about the programs, visit (in Arabic), or see for general information about our ministry in this region.