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WNKJ's Ken Cummins, left, teams up with TWR's John Summerville.


Once in a while, one of TWR’s partner ministries sends us a message that warms our hearts and inspires us to recommit ourselves to the task God gave us. We’d like to share such a letter from Ken Cummins, general manager of radio station WNKJ, known as Missionary Radio, in Hopkinsville, Ky.

Missionary Radio has partnered with TWR to reach the world for Christ, staging on-air campaigns in support of key projects like the massive upgrade of Shine 800 AM in the Caribbean. This year, 2019, Missionary Radio is helping raise funds for TWR’s Oasis Transmitter Project in West Africa.

Cummins was asked two questions by John Summerville, TWR director of radio station partnerships: What inspired you to partner with TWR, and how has that partnership impacted your own ministry? Here’s how Cummins answered.   


Joining Hands

When John Summerville came to WNKJ for the first fundraiser to upgrade Shine 800 AM Bonaire to 450,000 watts, the Lord moved in my heart to show me that Missionary Radio should do more to spread the Word of God.

Before John’s next visit, our longtime general manager retired, and I was named to step into the role. I shared with our board of directors that not only did I want to have the fundraisers for TWR, but I also knew the Lord was leading me to do more.

One night at a regular board meeting, I presented my idea to give a portion of the annual fall Care-a-thon fundraiser to TWR. We discussed various ideas on how to accomplish this. No one was against the idea. We just couldn’t come together on the “how.”

Just like an “Acts moment,”* the Holy Spirit moved in our hearts. One of the board members asked, “How does the Lord ask us to support his work?”

We responded, “Through tithes and offerings.”

The board member asked, “Then why don’t we give 10% of our fall Care-a-thon proceeds to TWR?”

At that moment, we all went to our knees in praise and worship. We recognized the strong, gentle voice of the Lord, and we obeyed.

That was over three years ago, and we are still giving 10% of our fall Care-a-thon proceeds monthly. Our gift, or I should say the Lord’s gift, is used to help keep Shine 800 AM sharing the good news. So, we all wanted to be part of the Lord’s moving to share the gospel with the world and obey the Great Commission.

Believing and Obeying

Amazingly, shortly after our decision to give 10% to TWR, the Lord blessed us with what could only be described as miracles.

First, at another meeting of the board, I proposed that we set aside $15,000 for equipment upgrades, for which nearly $50,000 would be needed. During prayer time the next morning, I learned that a dedicated servant of the Lord who was a longtime listener of the station had designated a $49,000 gift in his will for new equipment for Missionary Radio.

Then, I started a project to move our studios to a new location in the building at a cost at least $22,000. Our listeners responded during the year-end gift period with more than enough support to get the project completed.

In addition, we had needed a new roof on our building for at least 20 years and couldn’t afford it. The price tag was $29,000. In what insurance companies call an act of God, we literally had one! A storm took out part of the roof and the gutters on one side of the building.

The insurance company told us, “You all need a new roof.” “Surely you mean just on the damaged side,” I said to the adjuster. No – it turned out that the whole roof was replaced. And we had enough left over to enable us to build a new entrance into the building and later to add new doors.

Missionary Radio is not rolling in money, but we have more to work with than we have had in our 38-year history of broadcasting. You don’t give to God’s work expecting something back, but I believe – no, I know –  that the Lord has impacted this ministry largely because we believed and obeyed. I maintain that when you obey the Lord, he will do great and mighty things for his glory!

Our listeners have bought into our partnership with TWR, and I have seen more respond to Missionary Radio’s ministry since the partnership began.


[Signed] Ken Cummins

General Manager

Missionary Radio

* Read about the day of Pentecost in Acts 2.