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From Chicago and Cary to Colombia and Cuba with love! With a hat tip to the old James Bond movie, that might be the best way to describe two live broadcasts celebrating the one-year anniversary of the culmination of the Power Up campaign, which helped turn TWR Bonaire into the most powerful AM station in the Americas.


On Thursday evening, Jan. 31, 2019, TWR President Lauren Libby and Footsteps radio host Andy Napier broadcast from Studio One in the TWR Cary, North Carolina, office over the Shine 800 AM signal to listeners in Latin America and the Caribbean. They reviewed highlights of the launch ceremony 12 months ago; read responses from listeners in Cuba, Venezuela and other countries touched by the expanded signal; and prayed that this “bigger voice for Jesus” will have a growing impact on the lives of individuals throughout the region.    


The next morning, it was time for the Spanish live broadcast marking the anniversary, this one also carried on Shine 800 AM but originating from Chicago. Annabel Torrealba, a veteran broadcaster and TWR’s ministry director for northern and central Latin America and the Caribbean, host the program and chatted with Steve Shantz, TWR’s vice president for the region. Shantz, by the way, was calling in over the internet from Canada.   


If you missed the live events, you can still get a taste of them right here. To listen to a 2½-minute excerpt of Lauren and Andy’s English broadcast, click their picture above this text. To view Torrealba’s entire Facebook Live presentation in Spanish, visit TWR Bonaire's Facebook page. That's Torrealba on the air in the first of the rotating photos at top as Brad Swanson, TWR Bonaire assistant station director, runs the control board.