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Sometimes God may tell us, “You need less than you’re asking, if only you’ll let me work it out.”

It’s a lesson missionary Mark Blosser learned during a crisis last winter — which is summer in south-of-the-equator Swaziland, where he is the director of TWR’s transmitter site.  While traveling outside the African country, he received an email informing him that a backup generator at the site badly needed repair, the estimated price tag eventually totaling $28,000. Not a good thing, Mark knew, when an already tight budget called for subtractions rather than additions.

The outlook brightened a bit the next day during a visit with a friend who years earlier had helped install a TWR antenna system in Sri Lanka. “I think we can help with that,” the friend said after hearing about the problem and then wrote out a check for $4,000.

“A fantastic start, but where will the rest come from?” Mark said to himself.

Then there was good news in the form of a $1,500 donation given in neighboring South Africa. But that was followed by a dry spell, and the repair project was still at least $22,000 short.

More providence was discernible when another friend whose work involved repairing commercial engines took retirement and moved to within a mile of the Blossers.  Eddie Fisher offered to have a look and figured he would start by repairing the turbocharger.

Once again, the clouds gathered. The turbocharger would have to be replaced, the expert said, otherwise it likely would fly apart and destroy the engine! Ordering and receiving the part would take time.

While waiting, the retired specialist used the time to make other improvements that were expected to help the engine run cooler and more efficiently. And then something miraculous happened: The troublesome symptoms disappeared and the power returned. The problem was solved.

“The entire job fit very nicely into the amount donated,” Mark said.

The generator continues to work well today, and it’s especially important as the rainy season arrives and power outages force it into service.

Sometimes God uses what seems like an unsolvable situation to teach us that we can rely on him for exactly what we need. Do you have a story of God teaching you a similar lesson? Share it with us on our Facebook Page.