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Cliff Shimmels was an educator, author, and missionary.  After a 17-year career at Wheaton, he moved south to Cleveland, TN where he served for another 10 years at Lee University.  It was during his tenure at Lee that I had the privilege of interviewing Cliff on multiple occasions and getting to know him.  I remember one day as we were in the car together, we passed a low-income housing project.  Cliff asked me, "Andy, do you know the difference between those kids and the ones from better neighborhoods?"  He said, "It's the size of their dreams."  I would say that Pastor Euticauls Wambua Nzengu, who ministers to 350 youth in Nairobi's Korogocho slum, would agree with Cliff.  While the children in Korogocho still live in poverty, the ones blessed to attend Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center have big dreams because Euticauls and his staff have invested themselves in their lives.

Rev. Euticauls W. Nzengu may be reached through email at [email protected]

(Photo of children at the Kariobangi Baptist Youth Center)