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Award-winning gospel singer Babbie Mason has brought her online radio hub showcasing Christian indie artists to TWR’s multilingual Web portal, TWR360.

The two-time Dove Award winner, Grammy nominee, author and popular conference speaker created Babbie Mason Radio, where the music, ministries and life stories of Christian independent artists around the globe are streamed 24/7. TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) has been working with Mason for a year to bring the online station toTWR360.

"I am extremely excited about this partnership between and Trans World Radio,” said Mason, whose music has been recorded by other major artists and used in the Denzel Washington film Déjà Vu. “Because TWR is so highly respected for representing nearly every facet of Christian radio, this partnership opens up new and exciting inroads for our Christian online radio station, especially for Christian independent artists, whose music and life stories we celebrate on This is truly a landmark day."

Mason’s own 30-minute program, Babbie’s House on the Radio, features indie “upstarts,” as she fondly calls them, and through interviews uncovers the unique stories of people in many walks of life. Among the other program hosts joining Mason on the station are Thelma Wells, Kay Arthur and Jennifer Kennedy Dean. 

Ralf Stores, TWR’s U.S. director of media development and service, said he was particularly excited about partnering with Babbie Mason Radio as TWR360 matures.

“Music is such a powerful force in the lives of so many believers,” he said. “TWR360 continues to add more and more audio, video, and text teaching resources to the platform, but we also desire to expand the music streams available to TWR360 visitors worldwide. I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to Babbie Mason Radio.”

TWR360, which is accessible on the Internet at and via free mobile apps downloadable from the site, recently celebrated its second anniversary. Users can interact with the site in 40 languages, with more to come soon. Visits to the site topped 390,000 in June, the largest number coming from Brazil and India. 

Babbie Mason Radio can be found on the music section of TWR360 next to the online station AllWorship, which streams contemporary, praise, Spanish and instrumental music.