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According to Chuck Linkston, a missionary serving with Mission To The World in Australia, aussie men tend to avoid church.  These proud, strong blokes view the church as "soft" and "for women."  I wonder how Dr. Peter Marshall would have handled these aussie men.  One of my favorite movies is "A Man Called Peter" (1955) which was based on Catherine Marshall's book about her late husband Peter who had served as pastor of New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. as well as Chaplain of the Senate.  I have always been amazed that the movie used excerpts from Peter Marshall's actual sermons.  On one occasion, Peter Marshall (played by Richard Todd) presents Christ in a strong, very masculine way--"not the pale, anemic, namby-pamby Jesus...the gentle Jesus, meek and mild...but the Christ of the gospels...striding up and down the dusty miles of Palestine...sun-tanned, bronzed, fearless...the knuckles big in his carpenter's hands...the Christ who upset the money-lenders..."  That's a Jesus that I think most blokes in Australia would like to get to know.

Click here for a link to the Linkston's missionary web page with MTW

(Photo of missionaries Chuck and Jimmie Lynn Linkston)