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For a South Asian pastor and his flock who aren’t allowed to gather regularly for worship, The Story of Jesus audio drama was much more than just another pleasant Christmas festivity.

The pastor, who has received death threats and therefore remains unidentified here, said the 120 members of his church listened to the radio broadcast in their homes prior to Christmas 2018 and were blessed by it. In fact, he added, this drama adapted from the world-renown JESUS film had such a big impact on his members, he’d like it to be aired every day!   

Responses like the one from this pastor, who lives in a country where Christians are few and Christmas celebrations are unwelcome, show why TWR and Jesus Film Project are teaming up again during December 2019. This year The Story of Jesus will be accessible to hundreds of millions of listeners in 69 languages via shortwave, AM, FM and satellite broadcasts. On TWR360, the drama will be streamed in English and 36 other languages.

Over 4,700 responses were received from listeners after the 2018 broadcasts, and 43 people said they had decided to follow Christ as a result of the program. Many asked for the audio drama to be played more often, and others indicated that it had a profound impact on their lives.

A listener in Algeria sent a text message saying, “I’m looking for the truth. I listened to your program, and I want to know who is this Jesus.” Similarly, a listener in Morocco replied by email: “I have listened to your program during this month. I have many questions, about Jesus and the Trinity … and want to know more. Will you bear with me?”

From Germany, a blind, Polish-speaking listener called TWR ministry workers to say, "Your programs are irreplaceable to me. The soundtrack of the JESUS movie that you broadcast this week is the most precious gift for Christmas and New Year’s. … When I listen to this, I feel that God wants to do great things in my life. I don’t care that I’m blind, because faith comes from listening, and my hearing is sensitive.”

Jesus Film Project is a ministry of Cru, which is the name for Campus Crusade for Christ International in the United States. TWR and Jesus Film Project began collaborating in 2017 with a goal of presenting The Story of Jesus to over a billion people in more than 100 countries around the world. Among the languages in which the 90-minute dramatic narrative will be broadcast this year are Arabic, Ukrainian, Spanish, Punjabi and Swahili – not to mention English and dozens of others.



  • Why not make The Story of Jesus a part of your Christmas celebration, listening to the drama marked by world-class production values and resonant British voices while in the car or relaxing with family at home?
  • Or visit to sample what the greatest story ever told sounds like in hundreds of other languages.