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RiverCross, TWR’s outreach to abused orphans and their caregivers, has raised its public profile recently with a new look, new website and expanded ministry team.

RiverCross logoEarly this month, RiverCross unveiled a redesigned logo along with a comprehensive website ( The logo features a typographically stylized version of the name beside a simple icon reflecting the ministry’s theme of “building bridges of hope for vulnerable children.”

RiverCross merged with TWR in 2015, giving the ministry access to TWR’s decades of broadcast knowledge and global network of media outlets. This relationship, along with its “laser focus” on vulnerable children and caregivers and its creation of world-class, Bible-based audio dramas to promote trauma healing, makes RiverCross unique among nonprofits aimed at aiding the estimated 140 million orphans around the world.


sanderson and his wife lweendo“Although many ministries provide shelter, food, clothing, and even education for orphans and vulnerable children, very few care for their hearts,” said Sanderson Sianjina, co-founder of the JZone youth outreach in Zambia. “And no ministry that I know of does care for the hearts of these precious children as effectively as RiverCross.”

Sianjina and his wife, Lweendo, also are part of the expanded ministry team of RiverCross. They serve as community coordinators alongside team members such as Frank Strider, operations coordinator; Scott Hollinger, production and distribution coordinator; and Brenda Farrand, administrative coordinator. More information about the rest of the ministry team and its board is available at

Cindy Finley took over in 2016 as global ministry director from RiverCross founder Susan Vonolszewski, who passed the baton of day-to-day leadership but still serves on the RiverCross board of directors.

“God is stirring the hearts of people to actively engage in caring for the world’s most vulnerable children,” Finley said. “At a recent RiverCross event, attended by 69 people, $20,000 was raised for the ministry with the majority expressing a desire to also be involved by praying, advocating, collaborating and serving. It is exciting to be part of what God is doing!”

As RiverCross continues developing its organizational structure, it isn’t taking its eye off the ball: producing and distributing high-quality audio dramas with messages of trauma healing. The ministry’s first production, Holding Esther, is playing on radio stations in Zambia with a potential audience of 5 million. More than 200 caregivers have already participated in RiverCross training sessions, mobilizing them to help vulnerable children in their communities.

Another production, Jabota Bridge, is in the scriptwriting phase and will be brought to life by an expert production team composed of many of the same professionals who worked on Holding Esther