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TWR hosted a media ministries conference Oct. 20-22, 2014, at the organization’s U.S. base of operations in Cary, North Carolina. Representatives from 29 ministry organizations from around the country participated.

“This unique event gave our existing and prospective ministry partners an opportunity to see and hear firsthand from TWR’s international leaders,” said Ralf Stores, TWR’s U.S. director of media development and services. “It also gave us a chance to celebrate 60 years of ministry and to thank many of the organizations for partnering with us to speak hope to the world.”

Stores said the multiday forum carried the theme “Footsteps,” based on the Scripture verse from Romans 10:15 ("How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"). “Our media partners help bring the Good News of Jesus to people every day, and we want to follow in those footsteps in the future.” 

Photo: Participating in a “stretching break” during the Media Ministries Conference are, from left, Peter Kirby and Gunya NaThalang of The Lutheran Hour, Tony Hart of The Grand Old Gospel Fellowship, and Samuel Tan of TWR’s Northeast Asia Region.