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With little fanfare, TWR’s Arabic Internet Radio has moved to an around-the-clock schedule in the first of a two-phase expansion.

TWR Europe launched the 24/7 schedule quietly as 2013 began and then went public with the news Jan. 15. Known as AiR, the online radio format currently features a blend of existing Arabic radio programs, sermons from churches in the region, music and announcements. 

The second phase of the expansion is slated for completion near the end of 2013 and will incorporate live broadcast segments. Listener interaction also will be possible as part of these later developments.

“This is simply a dream come true,” TWR Europe’s Arabic ministries director said. “We are excited about this new ministry opportunity. Let us pray that this new development will bring lasting fruits to the Kingdom of God.”

Despite the low-key introduction, in its first two weeks of 24-hour broadcasting, AiR already has chalked up about 500 regular unique users from 27 countries. And the numbers keep growing.

Listeners gain access to AiR at TWR’s Arabic website, which was recently redesigned.