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Dear brothers and sisters,

I listen to your radio program whenever I can. I cannot describe what a great pleasure and encouragement it is to me. It was about 30 years ago that I found the Lord – or, rather, he found me. He can knock on the door of every man’s heart and whoever hears his voice, he dwells and dines with him. What a blessing is that I heard his voice! It happened when I lost my mother, who had suffered a lot because of me. She was a godly mother and prayed a lot for all of her six children. I was the youngest and naughtiest child in the family. I thought that she did not love me.

She urged me many times to go to the church, but I usually resisted. If I happened to go to church, I did not care about God’s word. However, my life started to change after she passed away. I could not accept the fact that she no longer existed and I was crying and crying. That was the time when her words reached my ears, and so I decided to take her advice.  I prayed to God on my knees to forgive my sins many times. I repented of hurting my mother, and asked God to help me accept the fact that she is not here anymore.

I have listened to the radio programs regularly since then. Once I was listening to a wonderful program and I started to weep. Suddenly, I heard the words “Don’t cry!” I was astonished because it was like God speaking to me those words. Another time I heard the message “Your sins are forgiven.” I fell down on my knees at that moment and gave thanks to God for taking me out of my sinful life and having ransomed me.

No mother’s prayer for her child is in vain. It gives us faith. I believe that God listens to my prayers for my children. I wish you good health and a long life in order to be able to preach God’s word. I send my love to you all.

~ A listener in Hungary