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"That's an interesting article," I thought.  Chuck and Jimmie Lynn Linkston's work with Churchfreo in Freemantle, Australia was being featured in Mission to the World's Network Magazine.  Honestly, I couldn't even remember ever receiving the magazine before.  I was intrigued with their story, so I showed the article to my wife, Kathy.  She said, "I think our church supports that couple."  Sure enough, it was true.  Also, it turned out that the Linkstons were on home assignment in the states, so I emailed Chuck and asked him if they had any stops planned for North Carolina.  Believe it or not, they were going to be speaking at our church in just a few weeks!  So, we scheduled an interview.  When the time came, Chuck called me to ask for directions to TWR.  I asked him where his family was staying.  When he told me, I knew it was no coincidence.  Without any planning, the Linkston's were lodging at a hotel within walking distance of TWR.  I'm convinced that God wants the story of Churchfreo to be told.  I encourage you to listen.

Click here to learn more about The Linkstons and Churchfreo

(Photo of Chuck and Jimmie-Lynn Linkston)