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This letter comes from a listener in Romania:

My name is Gabriel and I am a shepherd in a small village. I was playing with my small radio a few months ago and found your programs, which I have been listening to every evening since then. I can’t express in words how happy I am to listen to your programs every day of the week.                                     

I want to know more about the Lord and start a Bible study. Usually I make notes when I listen to the programs. I know I am a sinner and the Lord came to save me.  I started praying and the Lord answered many of my prayers. I had a lot of addictions but the Lord delivered me from most of them and has healed me. Now I want to serve the Lord with all my life and help my wife and child follow Jesus. I pray for this every day. I am not the same person I was before.

I am looking forward to receiving the Bible and solar radio you are sending me. These will help me grow spiritually and help my family know the Lord.

For more information on TWR’s ministry in Romanian language, click here