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During my 24-year tenure at a local radio station (WMBW-Chattanooga), we participated in multiple child sponsorship campaigns.  In fact, I'm sure that Christian radio is one of the primary means for recruiting child sponsors.  Prior to our first on-air campaign, I even had the opportunity of traveling with Compassion International to the Dominican Republic.  It was an eye-opening, heart-softening experience for me.  That's why I was excited to find out about a special project of TWR's national partner in Brazil.  Amazingly, RTM-Brazil doesn't just encourage child advocacy on the air by promoting organizations like Compassion and World Vision, they actually have their own foundation which oversees the support of 380 children in a Ticuna village.  Way to go RTM-Brazil!

Click here for a link to RTM-Brazil

(Photo of Jonatas Hudner, Interpreter, Jose Carlos Santos, Executive Director of RTM-Brazil, Andy Napier, and Samuel Mattos, Studio Director of RTM-Brazil)