The Roma (Gypsy) people living in Eastern Europe are despised and shunned. Girls are mistreated and women are often considered property.

But the Lord loves women and wants them to know they are treasured and valued and that's why Project Hannah's Women of Hope radio programs resonate so vibrantly and Romany women are drawn to a loving, gracious God.

Your gift sends the Good News of Jesus Christ into homes of women in Eastern Europe.

  • Women of Hope scripts will be translated to a local Romany language, Alrinx, or Romany Macedo, used in Albania. This program will benefit Romany woman, kids, families and the local church. An FM network will broadcast the program two times per week for 30 minutes. Production costs and airing of one program are $395.83.
  • In addition to regular programs, there is a daily, 10-minute Project Hannah prayer calendar aired every day of the year. Production and airing of one prayer calendar is $21.18. Annual expenses are $7,729.24.
  • During the year, there will be four workshops benefitting Romany women, children and entire families, offered in local churches. Christian medical clinics will help with workshops; doctors will conduct medical visits for free and distribute medications. Each workshop will cost $400 (total $1,600).