TWR offers a wide variety of service opportunities, giving you a chance to serve the Lord at virtually any stage of life.

Long-Term Opportunities

TWR is passionate about reaching the world for Christ through mass media. Long-term missionary roles (three years or more) vary widely depending on the needs of a given location. Positions center around the production, distribution and support of multimedia ministry, but also include many other administrative and nontechnical needs. So many people move through life without discovering or utilizing their passion to make a lasting impact. But for those whose personal journey is stirring them toward cross-cultural ministry, TWR is here to help them use their skills for an eternal purpose.


Midterm Opportunities

Every year, people are joining TWR and exploring opportunities, experiencing transformed lives, engaging their passions and making an eternal difference. Midterm assignments, from six months to three years, are designed to provide exposure to international cultures and needs while allowing missionaries to envision where God might lead them to pursue longer-term ministry. Midtermers also experience opportunities for meaningful outreach on the field.


Short-Term Assignments

TWR short-term missionary service provides individuals with an opportunity to meet real needs while exploring the possibility of longer-term missionary service. Short-term assignments range from two to six months. On-site transportation (if applicable) and furnished housing is provided in most cases. Available short-term opportunities vary from year to year depending on current needs, but possible assignment locations include Austria, Canada, the Caribbean, South Africa, Slovakia and the United States (Cary, NC).


College Internships

TWR interns experience on-the-job training that relates to their field of interest/study while meeting real needs. Most internships last about eight to 12 weeks. TWR will complete any required internship paperwork for the student to receive appropriate credit and will provide on-site transportation (if applicable) and furnished housing. Available internship positions vary from year to year depending on current needs, but possible assignment locations include Austria, Canada, the Caribbean, South Africa, Slovakia and the United States (Cary, NC). For more information about internship opportunities and experiences, click here to check out our internship site.


  • Must have a minimum of two years of college level study or equivalent work experience and be 19 or older.
  • Must raise support, usually between 3,000 and 6,000,(USD) which includes the intern's paycheck, taxes, rent and roundtrip airfare. Interns not carrying international health insurance coverage will be responsible for purchasing temporary international health insurance.
  • Completed paperwork before approval and assignment to a location includes preliminary questionnaire (PQ) and resume, short-term application, medical history (no doctor required), reference request form, doctrinal questionnaire.


Volunteer service may be short- or long-term. Retirees often provide great experience and expertise through volunteering in the United States and overseas locations. Mission-trip groups can also volunteer to visit TWR sites and help with larger projects, such as construction, which missionaries might be unable to complete due to insufficient resources or workers.

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