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“We hereby express our gratitude to TWR for airing Hasken Rai [Light of Life]. The program is really meeting the spiritual needs of many people. In fact, at present, this is the right time to spread the gospel more and more through radio. Many people listen to radio now more than ever before, especially in our present situation where terrorists use suicide bombing against Christians in their homes, churches and public places. Many Christians have resorted to listening to the Word of God in their homes, rather than going to church on Sundays. It is difficult to get to their places of worship.”

Those words were written by the producers of the Hausa-language program Light of Life at Radio ELWA. The program is aired from TWR’s primary transmitting site in Benin, West Africa, to the Hausa people in northern Nigeria, Niger and Benin.

Light of Life, as the name implies, is a program that introduces the listener to the only way to eternal life. Its aim is to present the superiority of Christ, introduce the need for a personal relationship with him and strengthen the faith of new believers.


When I spoke to TWR-Benin Station Director Paul Cox last week, he described the serious plight of Christians in West Africa, especially in the northern parts of Mali, Niger and Nigeria where hostilities against Christians are brutal and deadly. In this environment, “radio is the best tool we have,” Paul said. The Radio ELWA producers also agree, “Radio is the cheapest and safest means of taking the message of the gospel to hostile communities.”

The fruit of these efforts is apparent when they receive responses like the one below from a Hausa-language listener in Nigeria:

“I became a Christian through the help of a missionary who led me to Christ. Almost all the people in my area [were of another major religion], but I was converted to Christianity. We like Christianity because there is peace and love. But we did not have freedom of worship. The churches are facing a lot of persecution because of Christ’s name. The Hausa Fulani [extremists] are killing us every day. But we thank God for the program Light of Life that God is using to sustain many of us. We always group ourselves together to listen to Light of Life. Let me share my personal experience: they killed all my brothers and sisters, my friend and my two children. I am the only one left. With all these problems, God is taking care of me, and I will not stop worshiping or listening to Light of Life programs no matter what the situation may be. Pray for me. I need more radios to distribute to some of the listeners.”

From Radio ELWA to TWR-Benin, if you’d like to read an inspiring story of how God brought radio to West Africa, contact me for a free copy of the book, “Reaching Beyond Barriers,” written by TWR missionary Flora Rittenhouse. Please mention that you saw this offer on the JudyBlog.

Source: TWR-Africa (report from Radio ELWA)

Photo Credit: TWR-Africa

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    1. Alan says:

      I have been following the development in Benin with interest and with prayer. May God’s continue to touch people in this area. May He also give wisdom and protection to the workers in this area.
      This afternoon I will be taking my friend, brother in the Lord, Lyle to Calgary to go to your area and help with building and repairs as needed.
      I truly marvel at technology that allows us to communicate to each other the way we can.
      I pray for safety for him and continued Blessings on the work that is being done to reach and teach people.

    2. Joyce Williams says:

      Tell Paul Cox I got their prayer card somewhere in my travel in the US, and have been praying for him and family since. Joyce

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