And the Story Goes On

TWR-Benin, West Africa

TWR-Benin, West Africa

Child in Benin, West Africa
Child in Benin, West Africa


Yesterday, February 1, 2009, marked the first anniversary of Trans World Radio’s (TWR) broadcasts from our new 100,000-watt AM transmitter in Benin, West Africa, which friends like you helped us build. More than 40 programs per week are being aired in some 20 languages to a potential listening audience of more than 190 million people.


God answered many prayers to make the Benin transmitter a reality. For nearly 10 years, TWR investigated the possibility of a transmitting location in West Africa—a region where darkness, fear, and hopelessness permeate many lives.


In November 2002, a pastor in Benin spoke with the president of his nation, Mathieu Kerekou, about the possibility of a Christian broadcasting station within its borders. The president, then a Christian, amazingly pursued his request and personally invited TWR to submit an application for a license to broadcast. TWR accepted the offer and actively pursued this God-given opportunity to establish a radio station outlet.


But do you know the rest of the story? In 2000, this local African pastor felt led by God to establish a personal relationship with then President Kerekou of Benin. When he visited the president’s home, the pastor was not surprised when the guards would not let him in. But he continued visiting twice a week, staying and praying for two hours. After two years, the guards and the president realized that this pastor wasn’t going to give up.


Finally, the pastor was given an audience with President Kerekou and his wife. During the ensuing conversation, both the president and his wife received Christ. The pastor continued to meet with the president in the following weeks to study the Bible and to pray with him.


Only God could have opened doors and hearts in this way! And as if the Lord wanted to further confirm His leading, land was miraculously provided to TWR!


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Photos by Ben Tangeman

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