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What will my work environment be like?

For most interns, you will be expected to work in an office environment from 8am to 5pm each day. This can be adjusted with your supervisor’s permission.  Some offices are air-conditioned (e.g. Cary) and others are not (e.g. Benin). You will often work in cubicles but sometimes you may share an office with another person or have a desk in the larger room. In Cary, we have two outside work days each summer.  These are voluntary so you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to or your supervisor wants you to work in the office.

Why do I need to raise support?

As with most missionary organizations, we rely on the generous donations of God’s people to provide for God’s work. Jesus, himself, was supported by those who could provide for his and his disciple’s needs. US labor law requires us to pay you. But in order for us to pay you, we will need you to raise the funds. Therefore, all interns, unless they volunteer (see above), are required to raise financial support (with our help, of course).  

Will I be able to save money from the summer?

Most interns who live moderately are able to save a good portion of their stipend.  We cannot guarantee this amount as it is up to you as to how you choose to spend your stipend.

Will I have access to a vehicle for personal use?

Maybe. This is not guaranteed so please don’t come expecting this.  At some locations, TWR does have a vehicle that can be checked out for personal use but you would be expected to pay the per-mile rate. 

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