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How is my placement for an internship determined?

Once your application is complete and approved by Human Resources, your resume, application summary and areas of interest will be sent to the departments and regions to match with internship openings.  If a match is found, we will send you the job description to see if the position is a good fit for you and meets your educational needs (if applicable).  If you are interested, the department director and internship director will have a conference call (interview) with you and if both the director and you feel like it is a good fit, then we will send you the Internship Agreement form to sign formalizing the internship. 

Can I do outside ministry in my free time?

By all means. Many interns get involved with a local church or other ministries in the evenings and weekends.

Can I drink alcohol or use recreational drugs during the internship?

It is TWR’s policy that alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and recreational drugs are not allowed on the TWR premises (this includes the Lodge and TWR guesthouses) and that no intern, under the age of 21, is allowed to use any of the above substances in any country where TWR works no matter what local law says.  Interns who are found using or under the influence of such substances on TWR grounds will be disciplined with the possibility of dismissal. Additionally, fighting, violence, or possession of a weapon on the TWR premises may be cause for termination of employment.

Can I have tattoos or body piercings?

Since TWR works with a wide variety of ministry partners we expect all employees, staff, missionaries and interns to be conservatively and professionally dressed and groomed when in the office or representing TWR. For example, small to medium sized earrings and/or nose piercings are allowed but all other visible piercings must be removed (for example, tongue, eye-brow, etc.) and all tattoos must be covered. No distracting un-natural hair colors are permitted. Colored highlights are fine.

Do I need to raise financial support to be an intern?

Yes, unless you want to volunteer. If you choose to volunteer, TWR cannot complete any college forms that use the word “internship” and you would need to cover all of your expenses (housing, food, transportation, etc.) and show proof of sufficient funds.

How do I raise support?

Once your application is complete and you have been interviewed and accepted by the department or location you will be working for, you will receive a packet of information that includes a sample prayer letter, donation response slips and a document providing a detailed explanation of how to go about raising your support.

How is the support rate determined?

Internship stipends are set annually and then adjusted based on the cost of living for the country/city of service.  In addition to the stipend (from which you pay for your taxes, meals, local transportation and incidentals), there are travel costs, administrative costs, and rent and utilities that make up the total support required.   

How much support do I need to raise?

This depends on where you will be working and how long your internship will last. For example, for a two month internship in Cary, NC, you would need to raise about $2,900 as compared with $8,950 if you did a three-month internship in Vienna, Austria!  A complete breakdown of the support requirement will be sent to you upon completion of the application process.

If I choose to live in cheap accommodations, can I use the extra funds for traveling or personal savings?

No.  Your accommodations expenses are not part of your personal living allowance (stipend) and therefore cannot be saved or used for personal expenses.  If cheaper accommodations are found, we can reduce the total support goal but we cannot give you the balance saved as additional stipend.

Is my job description set in stone?

TWR works hard to clearly define your job description so each one should be quite accurate.  On the other hand, missionary service also requires a good bit of flexibility so that the ultimate goal of the ministry is accomplished (i.e. getting the gospel out to the ends of the earth).  To this end, we want you to be prepared for the possibility that you may be asked to do things that are not on your job description at times and that some of the things that were on your job description may not work out due to a variety of reasons (environmental, political, budgetary, illness, accident, etc.)

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