Daryl and Carol
TWR Stewardship Representative

The VanDykens have been with TWR since 1988, serving on Bonaire (the Caribbean), in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Johannesburg, South Africa and now in the Americas.

Daryl is an electrical engineer and has worked through the years on various technical projects. Carol works in the TWR Development department contacting TWR's ministry partners.  Scott is married to Rachel. He works at an HVAC supply company and Rachel takes care of their daughters, Harper and Bennett.  Audrey and husband Eric live in Salt Lake City where she is working in HR and he in software at Mayo Clinic. Julie works as a hospital lab tech in Florida, and Charlotte is getting her Master's in Social Work at U. of Tennessee. 

Children: Scott (3.15.87), Audrey (4.13.90), Julie (11.18.91) and Charlotte (5.16.93)

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