Staff United States of America Daryl and Carol VanDyken


The VanDykens have been with TWR since 1988, serving on Bonaire (the Caribbean), in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Johannesburg, South Africa and now in the Americas.

Daryl is an electrical engineer and has worked through the years on various technical projects. Carol works in the TWR Development department contacting TWR's ministry partners.  Scott is married to Rachel. He works at an HVAC supply company, and she works in a private mental health clinic. They have a little girl named Harper Dawn who was born in Oct 2012. Audrey lives in Salt Lake City and is finishing her college online while working fulltime. Julie attends West Chester State U. studying medical technology and Charlotte attends Liberty University. 

Children: Scott (3.15.87), Audrey (4.13.90), Julie (11.18.91) and Charlotte (5.16.93)

Prayer Requests

  • Sept 2013: Please continue to pray for our children as they make decisions about moving into adult life that will be impactful on them long-term. Thank the Lord that we had a wonderful family time in Montana in August with all our children and granddaughter. :) We were able to visit with Daryl's family and also present the Lord's work thru TWR in churches and to supporters in that area. We are so grateful for the body of believers the Lord has put around us these years in TWR - the blessings we have reaped from them are priceless.
  • June 2013 - We are grieving this week over the loss of a son of dear friends of ours, who took his own life. We also have received news of two close friends, 50 yrs of age, with stage 3 and 4 cancer. Tough week.

    Charlotte is doing very well at her internship this summer. We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend with all the family in town and rejoice in God's grace. Harper Dawn is almost 8 months old and we are gathering baby things again as we move into the grandparenting role! Pray for Scott and Rachel as they parent her.

    We appreciate you and your continued prayers for and with our family!

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