Paul and Donna

Paul and Donna Cox have been missionaries with TWR since 1999, with a four-year detour for seminary. Since May 2007, they have been serving in West Africa, where Paul is the transmitting station director and Donna is an educator. In addition to the western part of African, they have served in Swaziland. Prior to their marriage, Donna served with Africa Inland Mission in Kenya and Somalia for two years.

Children: Nehemiah, Micah Joy and Miriam.

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Prayer Requests

Pray for the shortwave license application that is being considered by the government.

Prayer Requests

Join the Benin team in praying for more laborers in the harvest, especially a broadcast engineer.

Prayer Requests

Pray for the process of getting NGO (nongovernmental organization) status with the government.

Prayer Requests

Mountaintop High / Valley Low

In life there is a pattern of mountaintop high experiences followed by valley low challenges. This pattern is seen in Scriptures, in history and has recently been our experience.

Our time visiting churches and reconnecting with friends and supporters has been a mountaintop high. We cannot begin to describe how revitalized, uplifted and supported we have felt. We have been encouraged by the growth and depth we have seen in many of the churches that we have visited. We are greatly encouraged that New Covenant Church in Albuquerque is planning a mission’s trip to West Africa including a team coming to Benin. We are also excited that some close friends are planning their first trip to Benin to see us.

Our descent from the mountaintop began with Donna's surgeries. While we praise God that they went well and Donna's recovery is still going well, they took a lot out of both patient and care giver. Because of this I was unable to start my study sabbatical in December. At this point we are unsure of all the implications of the delayed start with my sabbatical. In addition, we recently heard from Benin that due to some complications a key deadline was missed in the NGO process. What made this news even more discouraging was that the deadline was missed while some were focused on other issues.

At this point it is unknown whether the missed deadline will result in having to redo much of what was done just before we left Benin or if our colleagues can get an exception from the government of Benin. Your prayers for this would be appreciated.

I have already had my little rant with God demanding why He would let some complications cause a missed deadline with the NGO process. As usual, God was very gracious and kind and did not judge me too harshly for my rant.

Praise God with us for the mountaintop, the valley and His graciousness during my rant. Pray for our colleagues who are working on the NGO process. Pray for us as we work through the delayed start of my study sabbatical and start preparing to return to Benin.

Prayer Requests

We thank the Lord for a good furlough in the United States and would covet your prayers as we return to West Africa.

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How do we achieve prayer greatness?

Recently we watched the movie Invictus, which is about Nelson Mandela, the South African Rugby team and the 1995 Rugby World Cup. There is a scene between Nelson Mandela and Fancois Pienaar (the captain of the South African Rugby) that has caught my attention:

Nelson Mandela: How do you inspire your team to do their best?

Francois Pienaar: By example. I’ve always thought to lead by example, sir.

Nelson Mandela: Well, that is right. That is exactly right. But how do we get them to be better than they think they CAN be? …. How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do? How do we inspire everyone around us?

This scene, along with some other events, has lead me to ask: How do I inspire myself to prayer greatness, to pray more: more deeply, more fervently, more intentionally? How do I inspire others to prayer greatness?

Oh Lord, may you motivate your people to pray more deeply, more fervently and more intentionally and may you start with me.

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Burdened by what is not and hopeful of what will, by God's power, be.

Normally when I walk I head north on a road/path and walk by where Miriam goes to school. The other morning I wanted a change of pace and headed south on some small roads/paths. On my 20-minute walk, I passed two fetishes, one talisman and one mosque.

I was burdened that the gospel has yet to impact many of the people within a 20-minute walking radius of my home. I was further burdened by the tremendous spiritual and physical needs of Benin and of West Africa. I was reminded of all the outstanding issues on my plate with TWR (shortwave license, NGO status, housing project, title deed, open positions for an engineer and mechanic here, etc.). My desire was to do more.

For the next weeks I pondered how I could do more and just how much effect it would have if I added an extra 30 minutes or hour here or there to my schedule. I started feeling quite depressed by the overwhelming need and lack of resources (especially missionaries here in Benin). At some point in time that I cannot pin point, during the weeks of my reflection, a warmth of hope started slowly growing in my heart. It started as a small spark that I did not notice; by God’s power and grace it was kindled and slowly grew until hope’s warmth was unmistakable. This warmth reminded me that as Christians we are people of hope. Hope not in what we can do, but in what God can. Hope that the sovereign King of the universe will, one day, bring His creation into glorious freedom. While I remain burdened by what is not, I have a burning hope of what will be.