Dr. Robert and Elizabeth
Senior Systems Administrator

The Chicks followed God’s call to TWR in 1980, starting their overseas service in 1983 on the island of Guam. In 1997, they moved to Austria. Robert worked in IT and as a consultant to the Technical Department. Elizabeth worked as the Third Culture Kids Resouce and Event Coordinator.

Working in different countries allowed Robert to use his theological training for preaching and teaching as well as his broadcast engineering training. Elizabeth served as a mission hostess, in the shortwave mail department and now with the Third Culture Kids of TWR Europe.

In the fall of 2011 the Chicks relocated to the TWR office in Cary, North Carolina to continue their ministry reaching the world with the Gospel through media.

Bob is part of the Global IT/IS team helping keep our worldwide network a secure, up to date, and effective tool for bringing the Gospel of Salvation to the world.

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

It's been a busy and exciting year. Please pray for clarity of heart and mind as we enter another year of ministry with TWR. Praise God for His continued and perfect guidance. Pray for us as we start looking for our own housing. We must vacate the wonderful home we are occupying by the end of June.

Prayer Requests

Please pray as we wait for an apartment to open up in a local complex. Pray it will be available at the right time for our move. As we've transferred to our new US location please pray for our support need. A number of changes have impacted our support. Pray we can be connected with new churches willing to partner with us in the ministry to reach the world with the Gospel.

Prayer Requests

As mentioned in our update, please pray for our move into the apartment during the month of May. Please pray for our upcoming Global IT meetings during the second week of May. Pray also for Beth's work with the Project Hannah conference at the end of May. It's a busy time for both of us.

Prayer Requests

On 10 June, Beth goes in for surgery on her Macular hole. She will be face down 24 hours a day for a week before starting to get back into the swing of things. Please pray for smooth eye surgery, quick recovery and patience to be limited for recovery.

Prayer Requests

Beth's surgery went well and recovery is in process. Please pray as it will be six months to a year before it completes its restoration. Pray for Bob as he works with testing new systems and options for our global IT network. Please pray we will be able to schedule some deputation meetings in the fall. Let us know if your church or bible study group would be interested in our coming to share. Our pledged support is not all there and we are trusting God to provide as he has over the last 30 years.

Prayer Requests

Beth's eyes continue to improve, PTL! Please pray for Beth's work with the Faith Reliance Symposium in October. Please pray for Bob as he investigates some new security possibilities for our computer systems.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for good rest to finish out this year. Pray for a busy January on the horizon. Beth needs cataract surgery and Bob needs dental work.

Prayer Requests

Pray for Beth's pending eye treatment on the 31st. Pray for us as we watch two of our grandchildren this week. We're a little out of practice for a 4 yo and 15 mo. Pray for Bob's establishing another server system for our OSX/iOS client system to integrate properly in our AD structure. Pray for Bob's follow up appointment (to be determined) for his hypertension.

Prayer Requests

Pray for Beth's complete recovery from cataract surgery. Pray for Bob's hypertension to get under control. Pray for wisdom to deal with the rising need for administration in Europe and current projects in the Cary office.

Prayer Requests

Beth hurt her ankle on the stairs at home. Please pray for quick healing since we have quite a few stairs in our apartment. Bob is scheduled for some periodontal surgery the first week of August. Pray that will go well and have the desired result. (Just thankful it only involves 1 tooth!)

Some of our children are coming to visit the next week or so and we appreciate prayers that it will be a grand time with Oma and Opa.

Prayer Requests

Welcome to the new staff page. Please pray this will help folks to get to know who we are and our minsitry reaching the world with the Gospel of salvation and God's grace.

Prayer Requests

Bob's working on converting and migration terrabytes of data from our ESX hypervisors to the new Hyper-V hypervisors. This is a protracted project which needs to be done carefully so that services and ministry delivery of God's message are not interrupted. Pray for wisdom in timing the changes.

Beth's enjoying watching two of our grandchildren a couple days of the week so Mom can work part time. Thank the Lord for this great time of interaction and for the opportunity for our son and daughter-in-law as they get settled into this area.

Pray for our daughter and her family as they settle into nearby Pinehurst. They are both teachers at a middle school in Aberdeen. The move, change of schools and new culture are a challeng for Ellice, Brad and their three little ones.

News from Dr. Robert and ElizabethChick

Birthdays are Fun1

We had a great time this weekend celebrating Beth's birthday as well as little Liam who turned 1 recently. It was nice to meet some of our Son's in-law family for a day at the park.

Home Again

We're back home again from our Deputation travels. It was a great time of seeing folks again, encouragement and we even added some financial support partners. Thanks for all the prayers.

Our son Evan and family stayed in our apartment while we were traveling. God provided him a job in the area and after eight weeks they were able to move to their own place close by. It's nice to have some grandchildren living within a few minutes drive. Praise the Lord for this provision in their lives.

A new prayer letter will be ready soon and posted here as well as sent to anyone on our email list for prayer letters. You can also be included in that list by sending us an email note.

Things are busy as ever around the IT department. Global meetings went well earlier in June. Bob keeps working with the Europe Technical Department to rebuiled and update their network system.

Deputation Coming

We're coming up to a three week deputation trip across the USA. Please pray for safe travels, good meetings, encouraging people with God's ministry through media. Also please pray for our support need to be met.

More Family

Liam Robert, grandbaby number eight, made a healthy appearance earlier this month. Praise the Lord for a new family member. I, Bob, like his middle name and Beth likes that he was born on her birthday. We pray for parents Evan and Adrianne as they raise Liam and for his older sister Penelope accommodating the changes in their home.


Wow, what a summer!

Praise the Lord for friends allowing us to use their condo at North Myrtle Beach for a few days. That was a very relaxing and refreshing time.

We also enjoyed a visit from Joel and his family for a few days.

Our newest Grandson, Liam Robert, made an appearance on Beth's birthday. The fact that he also sports Bob's name is a double blessing. They are doing well and looking forward to learning how to be a larger family.

Bob's periodontal surgery went well and he seems to have healed properly.

Summer Fun

Things have been busy at home and in the ministry this summer. The most recent busyness surrounds my work with the global upgrade of SharePoint. This is a vital tool connecting our staff to work efficiently and effectively with one another. Praise the Lord the initial changeover went well. Now Chris and I are busy finding the tweaks and changes necessary to resolve quirks which arise from a very complex installation.


Things are going well with us the last few weeks. We're busy as ever and trying to figure out the changing weather. Beth had a good eye check up and now another little treatment is being schedule. Bob is busy with various projects in the IT department as usual.

This week we have the fun of watching our 4 year old granddaughter and here 15 month old brother while mom and dad are on holiday. It should be an exciting, noisy, fun and tiring week to be sure.

With changes pending in the Europe IT department it seems Bob will again be more involved with adminsitrating their system remotely. This is not an idea situation so we're hoping somethiing will come along soon to get another person there for administration. Pray for the Lord to lead the right person to pick up this IT need.

Medical Changes

Since our last update a number of fun and not so fun events have taken place.

Christmas was a delight visiting Evan and his family and while there a visit from Ellice and her famly. It's always fun to see our children, their spouses and our grandchildren.

Since then Beth has undergone cataract surgery. One result of her vetrectomy was a developing cataract. The surgery went great and recovery is progressing on achedule.

Bob has undergone periodontal treatment to resolve pain issues. The procedure went well and the pain is gone. However during the treatment another issue reared its ugly head. Bob has joined the crowd with hypertension and is under going treatment and evaluation.

We also rejoice in celebrating the TWR 60th anniversary.

Thanks for Thanksgiving

We were thrilled this November as all our children, their spouses and our grandchildren came to visit and share Thanksgiving here in Cary. Praise the Lord for the availability of the TWR lodge where they had plenty of rooms and we had lots of space for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 17. There was lots of noise, lots of laughter, lots of cousins getting to know each other. It was a great time.

It seems Christmas will be warmer than we would like. I, Bob, love snow and winter cold weather. But, we are hoping to again spend some time with at least some of our children. It's been a busy year and we're looking forward to another year of serving the Lord, bringing the Gospel into homes to see God change lives for eternity.

Moving into the Fall

The summer has passed with cooler than normal temperatures but enough ministry work to keep us both busy. For someone looking for a job position, Beth is the busiest person I've known in a long time. Today she is sharing her heart at the Project Hannah luncheon here at TWR offices. We're praying she will be able to encourage and touch the hearts of those who attend to stir up participation and prayers for this vital ministry to women.

This weekend we have a real treat. We're headed to Savannah for the wedding of a young lady we met in Vienna. She was a teacher at the school the boys attended and because part of our extended family. 

Last week Beth started working with the October Faith Reliance Symposium. She's working with schedules, attendees and speakers to insure things go properly. There's a lot of work putting together an international symposium.

Me, Bob, I'm busy working on security issues and investigating new possibilities to maintain the integrity of our systems here and worldwide. There is a mixture of excitemet and trepidation when trying new technology. 

We're also working to update our prayer card information and picture. Hopefully we can distribute that soon.

Beth is UP! And 30 years to Celebrate!

Yes, Beth is up in more ways than one. She is up because she doesn't have to be on her face anymore. 7 days and nights of face down was a rather grueling week to say the least. She is also up because . . .she's up! She's a rather happy sort after that week and had me packup  the special chair and take down the massage table (for laying down, not massages) and restore the furniture to its rightful positions the same afternoon we returned from her checkup.

Thanks for all the prayers and support during this procedure.

Now, a week later, the bubble in her vision is gone and she can once more lay on her back and isn't restricted in her travale. Woo Hoo! Please continue to pray for the improvement to her vision as it will take six months to a year for full restoration.

In June we celebrated our 30th anniversay with TWR. God has provided more than we could imagine (and I have an active imagination) throughout these years. We look forward to another 30 years in His service. We're thankful to everyone who has been and is part of our ministry to reach the world with the message of God's grace and love. It's been an adventure we look forward to continuing.



Conferences and Eye Surgery

Bob spent about a week in New Orleans at the Microsoft TechED conference. It was a great time with colleage Chris Overman. Lots was learned and many new possibilities to increase the effectiveness of the ministry at the IT level.

Beth coordinated the Table 71 conference all week while Bob was gone. It was a great time and many staff members stepped in to help as she was a little limited by her eye problem.

Speaking of eye problems Beth will have surgery on the 10th to repair the macular hole. Please see our prayer requests for more information.

Busy Holiday Week

We just returned from a busy week of "holiday." I say that after spending the week with my (Bob's) mom in a hospital rehab center in Tennessee. She broke her pelvis a little while ago and is in the recovery therapy section of her recovery. Beth and I also went to give my brother and his wife the week for the arrival of Sophia Grace. What a pleasure to have a new niece arrive safe, sound and happy. We also took the time to make some initial preparations for Mom's return home with limited mobility.

While in Tennessee a couple of our children and four of our grandchildren came by to visit their Oma and Opa as well as encrourage Grandma/Great-Grandma in her recovery. We're thrilled we could be here to lend a hand.

Another Chick

We have a new Chick in the family. Penelope Rose was born a few days ago to our youngest son Evan and his wife Adrianne. She's a little beauty and we're looking forward to seeing her in a couple days. Pray as they learn all the ropes and joys of being parents for the first time.

A New Year

It's a new year and things are pressing forward. We're thankful to God for His provision. We're thankful to you for your partnership in prayer and finances to allow us to continue to minister the Grace of God and his message of salvation to the world. We're thankful for our children, in-laws, grandchildren and ending last year with yet another grandson. We're thankful we can look forward to another granddaughter this spring.

Thanks . . . .

They're All Married

Praise the Lord we were able to travel to Kentucky to celebrate the marriage of our youngest son Evan to out marvelous new daughter-in-law Adrianne. It was a whirlwind trip and well worth the fun and celebration. Please pray as they start this new life together.


On the Right Frequency

In this week's staff meeting Beth and I each received an unexpected recognition from the staff. I knew about Beth's award but not mine. She knew about my reward but not hers. It was rather humorous. 

Beth received her award at the nomination of Marli Speaker for her work with the Project Hannah banquet in June. Along with Carol Butler (who also received the award) the two ladies provided a scrumptious, lovely and enjoyable table of food for breaks and lunches during the week long conference.

I, Bob, received the award thanks to Paul Stobbe's nomination for work with the printer replacements in the office. It was a long process and I thank God for the patience and understanding of the intricacies of the changeover in our network environment.

Moving Again

Fortunately, we're not making another international move, just between Raleigh and Apex. After almost a year of house-sitting we've signed on at an apartment only a few minutes from the office. It'll be nice to reduce my commute and even Beth can drop me off for work easily.

The process will take a few weeks. First I have Global IT meetings. Next the shipping company from Austria moves our stuff from storage into our apartment. Then we have the Internet connected (a must for IT geeks like me). Then we need to move the things we collected in our house-sitting days into the apartment hopefully in time for a visit from Ellice and family. Then we need to actually move and occupy the apartment before Beth starts helping with a Project Hannah conference. All this will take most of the next month before we can stop, rest, and figure out which way is up. :-).

If you need information about our new address you can send us a note using the Message this Staff Member link.

Keeping Busy

We're keeping busy with the ministry of Speaking Hope to the World. Beth's busy taking care of me as well as looking for housing. We think we've found the right place for the next year. It's an apartment near the office which will make things very convenient.