Jim and Sue

Jim and Sue are recent retirees who felt a call a decade ago to serve the Lord during their retirement years. Taking a COVID-induced furlough in May-June 2020, they began their search to see where the Lord was leading them. They are super excited to be joining TWR in the Human Resources department doing member care and staff development for the Europe and CAMENA (Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa) region. 

Jim’s career has been in IT project management, and Sue has served in many roles over years, but they both have developed a deep sense of desire to see God’s servants thrive in their mission roles. They have demonstrated this through hospitality as well as communicating with and praying for many they know serving on the field. Jim and Sue are working diligently to prepare for this calling. Please pray that God would use the Walkers to help further the kingdom work being done in Europe and CAMENA.

Prayer Letters