Ted and Dawn

When Ted and Dawn married in 1984, they never imagined what God had planned.  In less than two years, God moved them from South Dakota to Taiwan. On a vacation in Guam, they visited TWR and were hooked. They joined TWR on Guam in 1994 and are currently serving in Vienna, Austria. Ted provides the training for media producers and presenters while Dawn coordinates the ministry of TWR Women of Hope within the European region.

Children: Justin, Tabitha, Kerith and Micah.

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Music Interns Complete 10 Songs

Hamish Uhlig and Grant McEachern completed a summer internship with Ted Siemens, TWR-Europe Media Training Coordinator, during which they planned and created music that can be used by TWR-Europe’s national partner organizations in their media productions. They learned about RTM-Portugal, inquiring about the style and feel of music needed in the RTM programs. They listened to the Portuguese programs on the internet, and read through English scripts of the Women of Hope programs. Then they headed to TWR’s studio in Vienna where they composed and recorded 10 songs. Levi Simões, studio operator at RTM-Portugal commented, "I am happy with this exchange of experiences... and will test [the songs] in a program."


Summer Music Recording

Summer Music Recording

Summer volunteers at TWR in Vienna have been busy recording music that can be used in media productions. Grant McEachern and Hamish Uhlig have finished several compositions which convey a variety of moods. During the past two weeks they’ve performed a new song each day, beginning with an idea, and matching instruments and parts which embellish that. 

Music Interns at TWR in Vienna

Music Interns at TWR in Vienna

Hamish Uhlig and Grant McEachern will be working with Ted Siemens, TWR-Europe Media Training Coordinator, to research, plan and create music for TWR-Europe’s national partner organizations in Europe.  They will investigate the type of music needed for TWR media productions and compose and record songs useful for this need.

 Music Ability and Experience

 Hamish Uhlig is studying media and audio production at University of West England in Bristol.  He plays drums and bass guitar, as well as completed music recordings during his university studies.  He grew up in Vienna where he graduated from the International Christian School of Vienna.

 Grant McEachern is studying music at Bethel University and in Vienna this fall.  This summer he has toured Europe already with the Bethel Choir, in which he is section leader for the Tenors, and a student conductor.  His musical instruments include piano, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, as well as cello and voice. 

 Why Does TWR Need Music?

Integrity is a vital component of TWR’s outreach.  Licenses to use music on a specific radio transmitter or in a particular country don’t automatically give producers permission to use that same music in a program that is downloaded from the internet.  For this reason it is helpful for TWR to have access to music that TWR owns, or for which permission has been granted by the creators for TWR to use in multiple ways.