Systems Administrator

A Little About Me:

I am a husband and daddy who gets to spend my working hours enabling the proclamation of the gospel through serving and encouraging the staff of TWR and our partners by helping to support and maintain our collaboration systems and digital ministry projects.

God has equipped me with gifts of creativity, advocacy, administration and a refiner's eye to use the skills I have learned in process development, technology and communication to allow me to bring a multiplicity of resources to TWRs very diverse areas of ministry. I often find the Holy Spirit equipping me with unique awareness to people and their needs as to then empower me to offer encouragement and exhortation in truth that is relevant and helpful to them. I see these things and my time walking in-step with the Lord as the essence of gospel living and that is what I strive for.

I have been involved in strategy development and training for several of our digital initiatives and ministry outreaches. I am currently a member of the leadership team for the Mobile Ministry Forum (MMF) whose burden is to advocate, equip and train ministry workers around the world with the information and tools they need to take advantage of the unprecedented access we have to deliver the gospel and engage people using mobile technology.

Outside of work I am an outdoorsman, sportsman and gamer who wants to make more time for books and some of the creative arts.


A little about my Family:

My wife Ruth is my best friend and the most passionate, patient and long-suffering wife and mother I know. She is a loyal and determined person whose joy and excitement for life and all the little things makes her one of the most fun people I know. She is a wonderful example of the woman Solomon describes in the last Proverb and I'll stop there lest I write a book about her.

Our children Penelope and Emmett are our greatest joy and treasures. Penny, who often mistakes herself for Elsa (Frozen), takes after her momma in almost every way but for her blond hair and grey eyes. Emmett is a sensitive and loving little boy who will be your best friend if you happen to have a ball that he can hang onto. He has a lot to say for someone who can't speak English yet.

We are excited about this new step in our journey, but the decision to become missionaries is not one that we take lightly or without some apprehension. The fact is that God has lead us to this point over the last 6 years and has made it clear that this is the time and that this is what He wants for us. So we are confident and hopeful as we trust His guidance in our life.

The Rest of the Story:

As early as I can remember I have wanted a simple life of service and ministry. That ambition was largely due to being born to and raised by a missionary family on the mission field. The moment I entered the world I was a second-generation missionary kid in my family and the third generation of my family to be part of the ministry of TWR. Growing up was the same as any kid, except for calling the tiny Caribbean island of Bonaire my home. My family’s life there was brought to a sudden and sad end with the death of my father in 2000. He was "promoted" while in Duke hospital in Raleigh, NC from an infection while he waited for the incomplete heart he was born with to be replaced.

My mom and younger brother and I moved to Cary, NC where God demonstrated that he took Psalm 68:5-6a ("A Father to the fatherless and judge for widows, is God in this holy habitation. He makes a home for the lonely,....") very seriously. From that point until now I witness and experience God's provision, and saw why one of his names is Elohim "The Lord will Provide." There was no aspect of life that He had not made preparations for and there was never a time that he left us wanting.

During high school, when everyone expects you to know what you want out of life, all I could come up with was raising a family and being in ministry. I started working on a Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. I felt that I needed a direction and that seemed as good as any for a guy that didn't really have a clear goal for what he wanted to become.  It was around that time that Paul Stobbe, Ministry Services Director for the TWR in Cary, NC, called me up and offered me a part time job working in his department. That was the beginning of what is now a 10-year long career in TWR.

After spending several years as the Purchasing and Shipping and Receiving Agent I was asked if I would be willing to fill a need at our West African field in Benin. I spent 4 months there as a teacher for our missionary kids there at the time. Upon my return I went back to Shipping and Recieving but knew that I didn't want to do that indefinitly. Still without a clear direction or interest I started exporing options. During that time I met a very special woman who really liked me and wanted to marry me which is still a mystery to me. I saw God provide yet again as he not only brought the most wonderful person I know into my life but also provided a direction and opporunity for me to care for her by prompting our CIO at the time to invite me to join his department and begin a career in IT. In the almost seven years I have spent as part of the IT team I have had my fingers in various areas ranging from users support and systems administration to strategy development for digital ministry.

I have always had a sense that God had been grooming me for ministry and this place in particular. This most recent opportunity and the calm, confidence and peace that the Lord had laid on my heart confirm that this is where he wants me. With calling reaffirmed and new opportunities presented we look forward to seeing how God provides for the next part of our journey.


Prayer Requests

We are excited and thankful that the Lord has confirmed His desire for us to serve as missionaires with TWR in North Carolina. Praise Him for His faithfulness and provision.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for partners and the necessary financial support to allow us to fulfill this calling in our life.

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for Gideon Ruhl, a twelve year old in our church is suffering from severe complications to Lyme's disease. He is home, but still suffering the effects. Pray for his continued healing.

Prayer Requests

Our neice Zoe had a serious eye injury several weeks ago and will be undergoing surgery on Wednesay to remove the damaged lens in her eye. The doctors won't know until the time of surgery if they will replace the lens or whate the next stages are. Please pray for wisdom for them as they decide what steps to take and pray for healing. Please also pray for everyone to be patient, peacful and confident in the Lord's good plan.