Tom and Elly

The Streeters have been with TWR since 1972, serving in Monaco, the Netherlands and North Carolina. Tom has served as a studio operator, propagation manager; production manager, business manager and director of Southern Europe ministries. Elly has served as a finance secretary, English program auditioner, prayer letter coordinator, mission hostess and European Project Hannah prayer coordinator.

Tom and Elly now manage the TWR Lodge located at our offices in Cary, NC.  They provide Member-Care to the TWR staff and guests who stay at the Lodge.




Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

We are thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given us to serve the TWR global staff and partners in ministry at the TWR Lodge in Cary, NC.  The summer is a very busy time as Global teams meet for planning session and summer interns come to serve and consider the possibility of using their gifts and abilities in media ministry.  We appreciate your prayers for the needed physical strength as we clean and prepare rooms, maintain everything in good operating condition and also ocassionally cater meals for our guests.  Please pray also that we would have cleart thinking so we are prepared for each guest as they arrive. 

We would also appreciate your prayers for a couple (maybe a few years younger than us)who would catch the vision of serving at the TWR Lodge and want to take over this membercare ministry.  Thank you for caring and praying.