Tom and Elly

The Streeters have been with TWR since 1972, serving in Monaco, the Netherlands and North Carolina. Tom has served as a studio operator, propagation manager; production manager, business manager and director of Southern Europe ministries. Elly has served as a finance secretary, English program auditioner, prayer letter coordinator, mission hostess and European Project Hannah prayer coordinator.  They also have served as the caretakers of the Lodge.

Now, Tom works to promote TWR360, and Elly volunteers in the archives.

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

We opened our internet-based outreach, TWR360, in 2013. We started with audio and video content in five languages. Today, we are up in 88 languages with more to be added. We have 252 evangelical ministry partners working with us. We are currently serving over 15,000 visitors daily from 231 countries and territories.

This ministry tool has two significant strengths to offer. I can access TWR360 for content in my own heart language that nurture my walk of faith in Christ Jesus. It can also serve as a tool I can use to share the Gospel with many of the internationals who have moved into my neighborhood. I cannot speak their language, but I can offer them a resource of Christ-centered audio and video media that shares the Gospel in the same culturally sensitive way that we attempt to do in every language we air via radio.

Please pray for Tom as he shares this tool with churches and ethnic communities. Pray that they will use TWR360 for their own edification as well as a tool to share the Gospel with their foreign-born neighbors.