I am in the process of getting ready to go as an engineer to TWR's West Africa Transmitting Station. WATS is currently broadcasting over one 100,000-watt transmitter that allows the ministry to reach a potential audience of 150 million people.

Recently the station was granted a license for a second transmitter. This one will be 200,000 watts strong and primarily focus on covering Nigeria, which has the biggest population in Africa and is plagued by religious and ethnic tensions. The new transmitter will greatly increase the potential listening audience to between 175 million and 200 million people.

But anyone who uses technical equipment knows that the potential for breakdowns is always there, and these transmitters are in constant need of maintenance and repair. Currently WATS has no engineer on site. The nearest TWR engineer is a minimum of three days away, and if the station goes off the air for very long, listeners start looking for something else to listen to.

This is where I fit in. My job will be to maintain the transmitters and related equipment so the station can stay on the air. That will enable TWR to shine the light of the gospel and bring hope to millions of people in this region who might otherwise have no hope.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that the mission I am embarking on will have success in bringing souls to Christ. That they will come to know his peace and grace and have hope for the future.

Continued leading and support in raising my support so will be able to get to my post soon.