David and Flora

David and Flora have served internationally as TWR missionaries since January of 1981. Beginning on the island of Guam, David used his training in accounting in the finance department. Flora, along with raising four children on the mission field, involved herself in listener response, writing and producing radio programs for women. 

After 18 years of missionary service on the tiny island of Guam, three more international locations of missionary service followed with TWR: Singapore, for 4 years; Australia, for 3 years; and South Africa for 8 years. 

Continuing ministry service with an Africa focus, David and Flora now reside in North Carolina, TWR's global outreach office.

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for God-inspired meetings for the next few weeks as we spend time thanking our support team for their faithfulness.
  • Pray for new people to join our team as we serve the people of Africa.
  • Pray for David, as senior accountant for TWR Africa region. Pray for good internet connects to Africa.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for encouraging times of reunion with our family, friends and support team while in Ohio, Illinois and Michigan this Spring season.
  • Praise God with us for the programs of hope penetrating the lives of women around the globe through TWR Women of Hope.
  • Pray for God's protection and guidance on our children and their families living in the USA.

News from David and FloraRittenhouse

Flora having tea with friends in Ethiopia

Training in Ethiopia

I love spending time with our Project Hannah (women's ministry) team in Addis Ababa. What precious global sisters we have!

Finance Training in Angola

David spent many hours with Jorge training him in finance proceedures.

Making Friends in Angola

Flora gave a wind-up radio to a listener in Angola who gave testimony to God's blessings on her life in spite of the loss of her leg from a land mine.

Our Whole Family!

2010 Christmas included family photos!  Can you match the names to the faces?

Our children: Sarah (husband, Doug); Nathan (wife, Karen); Rachel (husband, Ted); Hannah (husband, Jon).


Okay.  For all of you who have asked about our GRANDkids - here they are, all 6 of them! 

From oldest to youngest:  Rachel, Robbie, Laura, Levi, Jael Ivy and Maggie Grace.