Station Director

In 2001, while Bernard was still working as a senior software consultant, he felt the Spirit stirring deep in his heart that soon he would start serving God in a different way. Isaiah 6 where God says, "Whom shall I send, who will go for us," became an important Bible verse. Bernard and Mariette started praying, "Lord here we are, send us."  The Lord answered this prayer in a miraculous way.

In 2006, Mariette started working for TWR Netherlands as PR/communication person, and in 2008, Bernard became the director of TWR Netherlands. In 2016, they both joined the global staff of TWR. Bernard serves as station director of TWR Bonaire while Mariette oversees the marketing and communications for TWR in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Children: Sem, Leonie, Danielle and Lisa

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Danielle and Lisa, that they soon feel very much at home in their new school and with new friends