Stewardship Director, Europe and CAMENA

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‘God is a God of abundance. He has given His children enough resources to do His work on earth. I would like to invite my brothers and sisters to come closer to TWR’s ministry in the region or audience that is most on their hearts to see what God is doing there. And then prayerfully consider how they can serve our listeners with what they have. And if we find a match with the beautiful ministry of TWR then that’s great. God has placed us all in different positions, from where we can be His faithful stewards’.                                          - Mariette Oosterhoff

Mariette Oosterhoff has served with TWR for 15 years in a variety of roles, including communication, public relations, marketing and stewardship. She knows the worldwide ministry of TWR by heart, having visited many of the ministry’s national partners and listeners around the world. From 2016 to 2018, she lived on the island of Bonaire, serving as TWR’s marketing and communications director for Latin America the Caribbean and working with TWR’s Shine 800 AM radio station. She continued in the role of Marcom director until March 2020.

In April 2020, Mariette became the stewardship director for Europe and CAMENA, which stands for Central America, Middle East and North Africa. She is excited to have the privilege of working with individuals, couples and organizations who share TWR’s vision to speak hope to people who otherwise will remain unreached by the gospel. Her role is to work with these Great Commission partners and potential partners to identify opportunities for investing in God’s kingdom through the ministry of TWR. Ultimately, the collaboration results in the message of Jesus Christ being proclaimed, lives being transformed, families being restored and people gaining hope even amidst difficult circumstances like war and persecution.

Mariette studied International Marketing in The Netherlands. She is married and has four children; the youngest Lisa still lives at home.