Nick and Debbie

Nick and Debbie are veteran TWR missionaries. Nick was born in the former Soviet Union and came to TWR in 1977 in response to a need in the Russian department in Monte Carlo. Debbie is from the States and served short-term in Monte Carlo in 1979. This is where they met and fell in love. They were married in May of 1980.

Nick and Debbie served faithfully in Monte Carlo for many years. Nick served as a program producer in the Russian department and as a studio technician. Debbie auditioned English programs. In 1987, the TWR Russian department was moved from Monte Carlo to TWR’s international partner, ERF Medien, in Wetzlar, Germany.

Nick continues as a vital part of the Russian/Ukrainian ministry and spends many weeks away from home in his work related travels. Debbie is the assistant to the TWR Central Asian ministry director and helps coordinate the ministry for that region. They treasure every opportunity they have to travel into the various countries to meet with the local staff and experience the ministry firsthand. God is at work in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The Lord has blessed the Siemens with three children, Tonya, Michael, and Gabi. All are grown, married and establishing families of their own. Nick and Debbie are now the proud grandparents of seven grandchildren.

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our furlough preparation and meetings. We will also be doing a lot of traveling on our furlough and appreciate prayers for traveling mercies.

Please pray for our national ministry teams. Some of them face difficult circumstances and persecution for their faith and participation in the ministry.