Mike and Wendy

The Lamberts are missionaries to the TWR station in Swaziland, Africa.  From that station, TWR broadcasts the gospel out over a vast region across central and southern Africa that includes countries like Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, and others where Christians are severely persecuted.  Throughout the broadcast region, there are many who are illiterate and remote, making radio one of the only ways to reach them. 

Mike serves as a transmitter engineer.  His primary focus will be maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing the three high-powered shortwave transmitters along with one 100kW AM transmitter. Additional duties will include broadcast operations, station projects, and assisting TWR’s national partner with the upkeep of multiple FM stations across the country.   Without engineers to send these programs out, the words of hope can’t reach the millions of people across Africa.

Wendy’s primary responsibility is to homeschool their three wonderful (and energetic) boys: Zachary (16), Maxwell (14), and Jackson (8).  There will be many opportunities in Swaziland for Wendy to help at the station also. She is excited to see how she can partner with TWR Women of Hope to reach the local population.  Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of any of the countries in Africa.

Mike and Wendy both feel that Christian radio has played a large role in their spiritual growth.  In fact, it was through Christian radio that Wendy first heard about the critical need TWR has for engineering staff.  With how much they have been blessed by Christian radio, they are really looking forward to the opportunity to serve God’s kingdom by helping others in some of the darkest places to be blessed by it as well.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with the Lamberts in their quest to reach the mission field?  They are looking for individuals, families, and churches that are willing to support their ministry financially and with prayer.

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Change in Destination

Recently, TWR approached us to let us know that, while there is still more staff needed in Guam, they had reached a point where the greater need was at another transmitting location. After several discussions and much prayer, it is official: we're going to Africa! We will be serving at the TWR station in Swaziland. We will have more details soon, so watch for our November prayer letter.