Alex and Fran

Alex and Fran served at TWR’s radio facilities on the island of Guam in the mid 1980’s. Fran was involved with Bible correspondence and program production work. Alex cared for the missionary housing and the maintenance of the TWR office. He also assisted with shortwave broadcasting shift work.

In 1988 Alex and Fran were transferred to TWR’s International Headquarters’ in Chatham, NJ. Fran performed volunteer service in the PR department while Alex assumed facility maintenance responsibilities.

In 1990, during the relocation of the headquarters to Cary, NC, Alex was placed on assignment with National Religious Broadcasters, in Parsippany, NJ. He and his family rejoined TWR during the final phases of the mission’s relocation in 1991.

Since then Alex has been assigned to Ministry Services and has taken on various ministry responsibilities within the maintenance division. He and Fran were also on a short assignment, in the mid 90’s, at TWR’s Monte Carlo offices.

Alex and Fran are active in their local church. Fran attends TWR’s Project Hannah meetings and helps with special fund raising efforts. She is  now retired from teaching but still freely offers her special education background to help local families in need.  

Alex and Fran have two sons. Daniel is married and lives in Sioux Center, Iowa with his wife Sonya and their four daughters. John (still unmarried) is a Fine Arts/Drama teacher at an international school in Guangzhou, China.