As an Armenian, I was considered a Christian. However, while growing up I, like many other Armenians, knew little about God and the Bible. When I learned about Jesus I deeply felt the need to know Him more and reach out to people to learn about the God of whom we knew little. One of the first things that helped me was radio ministry. 

In a country with limited Christian resources, the messages broadcast through the radio helped me grow in my faith. After being acquainted with a local church, I began serve as a Sunday school teacher and shared the good news with friends from different religious backgrounds. 

Because of my passion to share the good news, my pastor helped me to go to a Bible college in England where I met my wife Dilorom.  She had grown up in a country where the view of God was someone with critical eyes, ready to punish sinners. Dilorom has a heart to help people experience God’s forgiveness, in particular those from different religious backgrounds. Presently, she is enjoying home schooling our children. 

Both Dilorom and I have always wanted to serve the Lord and have done so in different countries ever since we completed college. After relocating to the United States, I became involved in Hovsepian Ministries. We broadcast Christian resources such as preaching, teachings, and worship songs and also corresponded with new believers who needed Bibles and other online resources.

Over the past few years, we learned about TWR and its vast reach through media. I look forward to being part of TWR and reaching the Persian-speaking world through the radio ministry by serving as a Media Production Coordinator. We appreciate your prayers and partnership with us in this ministry.