Grant and Jenna

Grant and Jenna serve with TWR on the island of Guam in the western Pacific. Grant serves as Station Manager at KTWR, from which Christian programming is broadcast in 24 languages to the entire continent of Asia, as well as Micronesia, parts of Australia, and the Middle East.  Grant’s work includes leading a staff of engineers, mechanics, and IT professionals, as well as training new staff, coordinating with co-workers throughout Asia, and developing relationships between TWR and the Guam community. Jenna serves in several capacities at their local church and in the community, while also homeschooling their two children, Matthew (2006) and Rachel (2003).


Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

Grant will be returning to the Philippines for 3 days in early December for a GI consult and a follow up for his hip procedures that were done over the summer.