Technical Director

David comes from Bath, England, later studied in Durham and spent his early working years in fiber-optic research with a large telecommunications company.

Following a clear call to mission work in the late 1980's, he spent two months working on Saipan in the Pacific with Far East Broadcasting Company before returning to the UK to study at All Nations Christian College (ANCC) in preparation for longer term service overseas.

Marlene comes from a small village in the south of Austria, studied Linguistics at Klagenfurt University and became a Member in Training with Wycliffe Bible Translators before attending ANCC.

With diplomas from ANCC, and a marriage certificate, David & Marlene prepared for work as part of the Far East Broadcasting Association (FEBA) team in Seychelles in 1994. At the time, Marlene helped with the production and editing of a program in English for India, and later took up full time caring for our children Anne-Marie (1995) and James (1998).

David became Head of Engineering in 2000 and was later tasked with managing the disposal of the technical aspects of the station when is ceased broadcasting in March 2003, as well as helping find the local staff alternative work opportunities and disposing of FEBA's assets in Seychelles.

After a stressful few months, we moved to Austria in late August 2003 to help settle the children in school in time for the start of the new academic year, and to help David prepare for taking up responsibility for the satellite distribution of programming as part of Trans World Radio's European Engineering team at the beginning of 2004.

Tragically on November 10th 2003, James was killed on a pedestrian crossing as he was on his way home from kindergarten. He is, and will always be greatly missed in this life. Through the tremendous support of our local church, TWR staff and our wider circle of supporting churches, family and friends, the Lord has helped us to grieve and to live on in the face of such darkness. We know that James is safe in Jesus' arms.

Anne-Marie (now called by her middle name, Debbie) has coped so well with the death of her best friend and brother. In January 2005, we rejoiced over the arrival of Susanne, and in February 2007 Johanna arrived. Both are a real blessing to us all!

Austria is very much our home now. Marlene teaches German to some refugees, and also to some of the staff from TWR besides managing communications with our supporters and looking after the family. David travels a reasonable amount as part of his work, enjoying the fellowship and challenges that ministry in so many countries offers.

We as a family look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in the future, not only through the ministry of TWR, but in the lives of those we live and work among and also in our own lives too.