Donna came to Christ late in life and felt God’s call to “go” almost immediately. Because of her experiences growing up, she felt strongly that God would use her to help fatherless and hurting young women in her community. Quickly, God moved and opened doors, allowing her to speak to young women through local ministries — Students Standing Strong, Pregnancy Resource Center, and the local mission. 

No one helped Donna go to college. She joined the Army and served for six years in order to receive the GI Bill for college, then earned a degree in computer engineering. Donna worked as a manager and technical project manager with IBM. Her career was very important to her, but God’s call to “go and make disciples” was even more important. How beautiful that Christ works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes! With TWR Donna’s technical project management skills are being used to serve God’s kingdom mission. Because of what God is doing through TWR programs, more hurting young women are being reached daily than Donna ever dreamed possible.

TWR is a global ministry, answering the call to reach the world for Christ through radio, video, and other media. TWR currently sends the gospel message of God’s kingdom in 275+ languages in 190 countries. Donna was deeply touched by the story of how Paul Freed founded TWR, which he recorded in the book Towers to Eternity.

Currently, Donna is serving with TWR’s global technical team, assisting with special projects which fall outside of the day-to-day needs. She is in the U.S. at the main office in Cary, NC, remaining there until her son completes his education.  At that point she will go where the Lord leads her.

Prayer Requests

The Lord is so very gracious and loving!  I feel amazingly blessed in this opportunity to pour out my life for His glory.  Please pray for the Lord to abundandtly bless my efforts and quickly build His team of supporters and warriors!