Kalman and Annamarie

Kalman and Annamarie are Hungarian-born Americans who started their ministry with TWR in Monaco in 1984.  Their first assignment was producing Hungarian programs and counseling radio listeners.  In 1990, TWR relocated them to Austria and they were involved in the process of establishing national radio teams in Eastern Europe. For one memorable year, they served in Malawi, Africa in connection with the project of expanding TWR Malawi’s FM network.

Currently Kalman serves on TWR's Global Technical Team and is responsible for the remote monitoring of all AM and shortwave broadcast that logistically belong to TWR Europe (Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa). He evaluates the generated monitoring data to verify that the programs were transmitted according to schedule and that TWR's broadcast provides good reception for the radio listeners in the coverage areas. 

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord that His Word is going out all over the world via radio waves, proclaiming the true hope we have in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit may draw many people to God in repentance and saving faith during this time of great uncertainty.
  • Pray for the reliable operation of each transmitter TWR has been using worldwide.