Creative Content Specialist

Sandi Dalton Goodrich is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute class of 2015 with a degree in communications. She is serving with the Content Production team in Cary, NC. 

Radio has been a huge blessing in my life, and I want to share the gospel in the same way that I heard it. I decided to follow Jesus after listening to a broadcast of Adventures in Odyssey at the age of 6. Since then, making the gospel known over the airwaves has been a dream of mine.

I chose TWR because of the passion for the gospel and for the listeners, but also for the possibility that I would be an encouragement to those I work alongside. We have offices practically everywhere; we speak in over 300 languages, and we pray for each other. I love being a part of a global ministry. Also, I have grown and been challenged working here.

 I am serving part-time as a creative content specialist for the Global Content Production team. I am looking forward to working on the team full time. Right now, my responsibilities are sharing the gospel through writing for Worship ConneXon on TWR Africa and producing programs for Southeast Asia.

In June of 2019, I married my best friend, Paul. Together, we are hoping to encourage and spread the gospel as we live in Durham, NC.

Please take the time to read my prayer requests and prayerfully consider supporting my ministry financially. 


Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

1. That God brings people along who will partner with me in prayer and financially. I am asking for people who are willing to partner with me monthly as well as with one-time gifts. I am tuning 30 this August and I would like to be able to start the next decade of my life full time and fully funded with the ministry of TWR.

2.  That the projects I am involved in will be effective in spreading the gospel.

3. Pray that my broadcast partners in South Africa, Southeast Asia and other rejoins remain healthy.

4. Pray also for the families of my production team as they grow and change. Pray my coworkers remain healthy and full of motivation.

5. That Paul and I will grow more in our marriage and take more opportunities to share the gospel with our friends and neighbors.